September 22, 2023

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I’m a mechanic – two clientele tried using ‘DIY solutions’ for their vehicle leak difficulties just one genuinely worked superior than the other

AN auto mechanic has shown how do-it-on your own motor vehicle fixes can range from respectable to downright confusing.

The technician, Mike, of Royalty Vehicle Support, a Georgia-based garage, was filmed in a TikTok evaluating two clients’ leaking vehicles who took repairs into their personal hands.


Mike is a mechanic at Royalty Vehicle Service in St. Marys, GaCredit: TikTok / royaltyautoservice
One Royalty Auto Service customer tried plugging a transmission leak with silicone plaster


1 Royalty Automobile Assistance buyer tried plugging a transmission leak with silicone plasterCredit score: TikTok / royaltyautoservice

Royalty Automobile Service’s (@royaltyautoservice) video clip began with overlay text establishing that two of their shoppers attempted correcting their vehicle’s leaks, with 1 strategy doing work superior.

Mike explained the driver of the 2013 Kia Soul he was standing following to on-digicam mentioned they were encountering shifting challenges.

The mechanic sarcastically asked: “I surprise why?”

Upcoming, he disclosed the source of his sarcasm, exhibiting that the shopper attempted to patch a transmission leak on their vehicle utilizing a substance akin to silicone you’d obtain to seal a bathtub.

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Mike extra: “Unfortunately, we gotta pull that plug out to prime it up with transmission fluid and make confident the transmission is not harmed.

“But we just can’t do that with all that [silicone] on there, so we’re likely to have to replace the pan ahead of we can proceed diagnosis with this transmission.”

Mike proceeded to one more location of Royalty Auto Service’s garage, in which a elevate held a 2020 Honda Accord.

The professional mechanic observed that the small-mileage Honda’s owner noted hearing flapping noises whilst touring down the freeway.

Mike explained he and his fellow experts made development solving the flapping sounds when they noticed some thing peculiar beneath the lifted automobile.

He walked over and pointed to the car’s oil pan, which had a gap permitting oil to leak out, decreasing motor effectiveness.

Mike highlighted how the former operator tried out to weld the gap.

The video’s digicam operator, Sherwood, jokingly asked Mike off-display: “So, essentially, J-B Weld and silicone don’t get the job done?”

Mike responded: “This in fact is not J-B Weld.”

He added: “Somebody did consider to TIG [tungsten inert gas weld] this or MIG [metal inert gas weld] this or some thing.

“It is actual weld it just didn’t work.”

Mike also said: “It [welding fix] does not search awful, you know, not a, you know, super quick just one, but they surely should’ve changed the pan.”

Mike said the video’s second customer should’ve replaced their oil pan when it was leaking, but complimented their attempt at a quality weld


Mike reported the video’s second client should’ve replaced their oil pan when it was leaking, but complimented their try at a high quality weldCredit rating: TikTok / royaltyautoservice