September 27, 2023

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Did Nashville drivers pick “In God We Trust”?

  • Tennessee has new license plates rolling out this year.
  • Vehicle owners can pick between two versions.
  • One includes the words, ‘In God We Trust’

Among Tennessee’s 95 counties, Davidson County has the lowest percentage of vehicle owners choosing to have “In God We Trust” on the state’s new license plates, state data shows.

Only 13.3% of Nashvillians getting new plates have opted for the trusting God plates, the numbers show, making Music City a real outlier in the Volunteer State.

A majority of drivers in 86 of the state’s 95 counties are choosing the “In God We Trust” plates as of May 16, according to numbers from the state Department of Revenue.

A sample plate

But before you decide that Nashville is full of godless heathen drivers, there are non-religious reasons why Davidson County’s number might be so low.

Many Nashville drivers said they didn’t know they could choose between two plates.

“I went in person and wasn’t given a choice,” radio personality Terry “Holly Wood” Hendrix said. “They handed me what they handed me.”