Car Insurance Without a License: Cheapest Options Here

Car Insurance Without a License: Cheapest Options Here

It is possible for a person to own a vehicle and not have a driver’s license, which leads them to wonder how and if they can get car insurance. It is necessary to have auto insurance on a vehicle, regardless of if you have a driver’s license or not. According to the Insurance Information Institute, about one in eight people did not carry auto insurance in 2019, when it is readily available even to those who are not licensed to drive.

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Do I Need a US Driver’s License to Get Car Insurance?

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The requirement for a US driver’s license to get auto insurance coverage varies by each state’s rules and regulations. You may be charged a higher premium for not having a US driver’s license, and the insurance company cannot view your out-of-the-country driving record.

Can you buy a car insurance policy without a license?

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It is possible to purchase car insurance without having a driver’s license as long as someone other than yourself will be driving the vehicle. Some insurance companies may vary in what they require to get auto insurance without a license, including listing at least one licensed driver on the policy.

How do you get auto insurance with no license?

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Some insurance companies allow a person who owns a vehicle to purchase an insurance policy without a driver’s license. However, some companies may require you to list a licensed driver on the policy as an authorized user. Since most insurance companies need you to provide proof you have a driver’s license before issuing the policy, you may have to shop around and call different insurance companies to find one that will work with you.

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Step-by-step on How to get Auto insurance without a driver’s license

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It is possible to purchase auto insurance while not having a driver’s license, but you may have to go through additional steps and pay a higher premium. The steps to getting insurance without a driver’s license include the following:

  1. Find an auto insurance company offering the policy you need.
  2. Speak with the insurance agent to discuss your options and why you do not have a driver’s license.
  3. Choose the type of insurance and the amount of coverage you need.
  4. Pay your premium, including paying every six months or monthly.

Should you get car insurance without a driver’s license?

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If you own a vehicle that will be driven, even if someone else drives the car, it must be insured. Even if you do not have a driver’s license, all states require auto insurance to register the vehicle and get valid license plates.

Can you get a full coverage policy without a license?

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It is possible to get full auto insurance coverage; however, this policy may not protect you from everything. For example, the insurance policy will not cover a claim from someone driving the vehicle without a license. Additionally, you must have a designated licensed driver on your policy to purchase a full-coverage auto insurance policy.

Can You Buy a Car With a Suspended License?

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It is possible to get auto insurance while having a suspended license, but the premiums may be higher, requiring you to show proof someone else besides yourself will be operating the vehicle.

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Is it more expensive to get car insurance without a license?

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It is possible to have higher insurance premiums when getting auto insurance without a license. For example, suppose you do not have a license due to unsafe driving, speeding, driving under the influence, several auto accidents, or other traffic violations. Then, insurance companies can charge more for their policies because you would be considered a high-risk client.

Why would you need insurance without a license?

You can get auto insurance for your vehicle, even if you do not have a driver’s license. Some reasons to get car insurance may include the following:

  • Needing to register your vehicle
  • Currently having a learner’s permit
  • Having a child driving the vehicle
  • Collecting cars, but do not drive them
  • Having your license revoked, suspended, or canceled

Best Car Insurance Companies that Do Not Ask for a License

There are several auto insurance companies, and no two companies are alike. The top insurance companies offering coverage for people without a license include The Hartford Car Insurance Company, Geico Car Insurance Company, AAA Car Insurance Company, Freeway Car Insurance Company, Travelers Car Insurance Company, and State Farm Insurance Company.

The Hartford Car Insurance Company

The Hartford Car Insurance Company

The Hartford Car Insurance Company offers those without a driver’s license access to quality and affordable insurance options. The average insurance cost with The Hartford Car Insurance Company is a little more than $1,000 for six months, which is about $88 per month. Keep in mind this is an average based on typical policyholders; if you do not have a license, it may be more expensive.

There are several benefits to getting auto insurance through The Hartford Car Insurance Company, including high levels of customer service, lots of coverage options, and free benefits, such as roadside assistance. Some cons of getting auto insurance through this company may include being more expensive and having fewer options to save money.

Geico Car Insurance Company

Geico Car Insurance Company

Geico is often ranked as a top auto insurance companies offering insurance to people who may have trouble finding affordable insurance policies elsewhere, including those without a license. The average cost of insurance through Geico is about $1,200 for six months, and the company does offer monthly payment options.

The Geico Car Insurance Company provides people without a license many benefits to getting the coverage needed for their vehicle. First, Geico has some of the lowest average rates compared to other companies and offers the lowest rates for people with poor credit. However, some negatives to being insured by Geico include having higher than average rates for drivers with a DUI, which is a common reason some people may not have a driver’s license but need insurance for their car.

AAA Car Insurance Company

AAA Car Insurance Company

The American Automobile Association started in 1902, offering a national organization to promote safe, efficient transportation for drivers and pedestrians. Over the years, AAA has expanded the benefits it provides members, including auto insurance. The national average rate for insurance through the AAA Car Insurance Company is about $2,400 for six months, with monthly payment options available.

The AAA Car Insurance Company offers many benefits to drivers, including discounts on premiums and options to build your insurance policy to meet your coverage needs. The most significant disadvantage to AAA insurance is the higher rates; you must have a AAA membership to purchase an insurance policy.

Freeway Car Insurance Company

Freeway Car Insurance Company

Though the Freeway Car Insurance Company is not one of the best overall auto insurance companies, it is a great option for people without a driver’s license. Most policies are not cheap; however, they are not very expensive either. The average nationwide premium rate with the Freeway Car Insurance Company is $1,600 for people with good insurance and $2,800 for people with poor credit.

Many people insured through the Freeway Car Insurance Company can access discounts rarely offered by competitors, including a locked garage, military background, being continuously insured, and being a homeowner. On the other hand, this insurance company does not offer the typical discounts or add-ons available through other insurance companies.

Travelers Car Insurance Company

Travelers Car Insurance Company

Travelers Car Insurance Company offers below-average insurance rates, including policies for people who might not be able to find insurance coverage elsewhere. This insurance company ranks high on claims handling but lacks a little regarding customer service quality. This company’s average national rate for insurance policies is $1,400 for six months of coverage.

The most significant benefit to having insurance through Travelers Car Insurance Company is having access to one of the best companies for processing and handling insurance claims. The company also offers premiums lower than the national average for auto insurance coverage. Poor customer service is the biggest challenge policyholders may face.

State Farm Insurance Company

State Farm Insurance Company

State Farm Insurance Company ranks well among many “Best Insurance Company” lists and is one of the top companies offering auto insurance to people without a license. The national average cost of an insurance policy through State Farm Insurance is $1,300 for a six-month policy, with monthly payment options available.

Overall, the most significant benefit for people without a license needing auto insurance is that State Farm Insurance offers excellent customer service, easy policy renewal options, and below-average insurance rates for most car owners. The most significant disadvantage is State Farm Insurance often charges a higher rate for people with poor credit. On average, people with poor credit can expect to pay $3,700 or more for a year of coverage from State Farm.

Keep in mind the average rates shared above do not represent what your rate may be. To find out how much your insurance policy will be is to call the insurance company for a quote. Then, all around to different insurance companies to see which company can offer you the best rate for coverage without having a driver’s license.

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